Burning Man 2022 

"Waking Dreams" 

Art Installations

RAT Technical Advisors mentored and assisted twelve artists in powering their art installations with renewable energy

“Astral Project” by Diane Edbril: The Astral Project is intended to provide a calm meditative space for contemplation and collaboration. The perimeter is defined by four benches, a couple of which have content about astrophysics and our connection to every single thing in the known universe. Ceramic “planets” ranging in diameter from 4″ to 15″ are tethered to a pillar at the central base with coated wire cables, and can be rotated around the base. The length of the cables varies, so that each planet has a different orbit. The planets have to be moved at more or less the same time, so people will have to work together to do that. 

Photograph and Video by Diane Edbril

“Chilopod” by Lawrence Grown: An interactive, intelligent organism who enjoys communicating with humans. 

The RAT worked with the Chilopod team to develop the renewable power system to power the installation on the playa. The Chilopod team was successful in designing and building the system. Concerns about vandalism, theft, damage and loss, and insurance coverage became a real problem that could not be resolved in time before deployment of Chilopod on the playa. The result was that the Chilopod needed to be powered by a generator at Burning Man 2022. However the solar power system successfully and safely powered the team's camp. Issues about security and insurance coverage for valuable renewable power systems used at Black Rock City are real and an ongoing concern for artists.

“Colors of Nostalgia” by Alena Starostina: A vintage phone booth that allows participants to dial up different time periods. 

Solar Panels Are Hidden From View on the Roof

“Empyrean Temple” by Laurence Renzo Verbeck, Sylvia Adrienne Lisse and the Temple Crew: Empyrean represents the region just beyond our physical realm that is the highest center of wisdom, and the source of energy-consciousness. It’s at this highest point where one can interact with their own highest concept of the divine. In ancient cosmologies, Empyrean is the realm of pure light that is believed to be the birthplace of fire. To the community, Empyrean Temple offers the healing properties of its central, eternal flame: reflection, resolution, release and renewal. 

Three Portals Illuminated By RAT Solar Power

The RAT would like to recognize Mr. Rob Leifheit, lighting manager for the Empyrean Temple, for his crew's support of the RAT's efforts.

The RAT installed the stand alone solar power system that powered the lighting of the three portals facing the Man. 

Installing The Solar Panels

Batteries and Charge Controller

Testing Voltage Outputs


“Friendship Cube” by Lindsey Fielding: The friendship cube is a sacred space to celebrate friendships, both existing and new. Black Rock City citizens enter the cube with a chosen friend to vocally honor their friendship based on the prompts in each corner - such as "I"m inspired by your..." or "You've helped me...", an altar of friendly love. 

Photograph by Lindsey Fielding

Friendship Cube - Hug

Video by Lindsey Fielding

Checking In

Photograph by Lindsey Fielding

Photograph by Lindsey Fielding

“Giganty’s Boundless Energy Gadget” by Sarah Gonsalves: A colorful, friendly giant picks up and peers into a boundless energy gadget. 

Solar Panel on Top Integrated Into the Art Installation


“Harmony Strand” by Cynthia Fleischmann: A harmony strand symbol that will help “facilitate harmony-driven global alliances with increased partnerships.” 

“IntraNurture” by Sylvia Lisse: A giant eagle whose wings embrace a courtyard; inside is a tea bar and an immersive multi-sensory experience.  

Solar Panels Are Shown On The Left

“People-Powered Music aka The Tinkle Drum” by Bibi Bliekendaal and the Tinklers: A giant, human-powered music box. 

Solar Panels Are Integrated Into the Installation At Left

“Ripple” by Josh Vermette: A “space filled with the sound and sight of falling water, shimmering beneath an open sky.” 

Stand Alone Solar Power System On Left

“Spacecats Final Landing” by Ayda Keshtkar and the Adenium Collective: ‘Catstronauts’ disembark from large, retro-futuristic spaceships.

Stand Alone Solar Power System Under Construction


The Threshold, a pathway in time" by Berley Farber 

Ahead is a


that defines your

past and future.

Look behind you.

That’s the past,

with your regrets,

mistakes, failures.

Look ahead of you.

That’s the future,

with your hopes,

dreams, desires.

Are you ready to

leave your past?

Are you ready

for your future?


Welcome to

your future.

Please sign the 

guest book. 

Photograph by Berley Farber

Berley Farber 

The Solar Library

The RAT would like to acknowledge the The Solar Library by Jared Ficklin and the Solarians. "The Solar Library helps small art in Black Rock City convert to solar by providing sculptural solar panels for battery charging very important work." The Solar Library is a very important renewable power support installation that paves the way for small art installations to move away from generators and without having to purchase expensive solar power systems. 

Congratulations Solarians!

Unless otherwise noted the art installation descriptions, photographs and graphics are provided by the artists, the Burning Man Project and the RAT.