Meet the Mischief

Artists and members of the RAT at Black Rock City 2022 - Waking Dreams

RAT and Artists Center Camp Round Table

(Left to Right): Ken Rehor, RAT; Cynthia Fleischmann, "Harmony Stand"; Bruce Cooper, RAT; Berley Farber, "The Threshold, a pathway in time"; Sylvia Lisse, "IntraNurture”; Rob Leifheit, lighting manager for the "Empryean Temple";  Diane Edbril, "Astral Project"


Bruce Cooper



Technical Advisor

Doug Hanson


Math RAT

Artists Liaison Coordinator

Technology, Skills Sharpening and Technical Advisor Coordinator 

Technical Advisor

Ken Rehor


Electrical Engineer

Technical Advisor

Team Members

Kim Cairns

Technical Advisor

Giuseppe Cimmino


Technical Advisor

Matthew Deluge


Burning Man Project and Black Rock City Liaison 

Camp Liaison C0-Coordinator

Photograph by Aaron Muszalski 

Andy Flint

Techincal Advisor

Jay Heaman

Technical Advisor




Technical Advisor

Andy Justice

Regional and International Liaison

Technical Advisor

Dan Lopuch


Technical Advisor

Sara Pugh


Camp Liaison Co-Coordinator

Burning Man Project Support Service Team

Technical Advisor

Steven Queen

"Doctor Steve"

Camp Liaison Co-Coordinator

Technical Advisor

Scott Williams

"Low Voltage"

Webmaster, Social Media and Recruitment Outreach Coordinator

Bob Wolff


Technical Advisor